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Structural Steel for Warehouses, High Rises, Retrofits & Other Industries

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Arlington is proud to serve a wide variety of markets with quality steel and superior project management capability. Our bias when approaching new projects is “Yes,” and the length of our experience has also given us enormous range.

Within the markets we serve, there is very little we haven’t yet seen. But…that doesn’t stop us from keeping our eyes peeled for new challenges.


Residential Buildings

Whether it’s luxury apartments erected on a “postage stamp" site in downtown Chicago, or retirement complexes in the suburbs, we bring the steel that will give residents a quality home, while also giving designers and construction teams the option to create visual appeal with clean lines and appealing steel surfaces.

See Overture Yorktown, 215 West Washington, and 56 West Huron.

Retrofits & Remodels

Retrofits & Remodels

Because we do so much work, and because we’ve stuck around for awhile, we’ve done several jobs where we’re expanding on structures we had a hand in building. Our ability to work in tight spaces and manage fabrication, finishing, and erection of steel components that fit within a wide array of construction environments help us make these jobs go as smooth as new construction.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Manufacturing & Industrial Buildings

We’re proud of our reputation among those who make their living with steel and construction, like we do. Our projects for the Fabricators and Manufacturer’s Association and the Trumpf SmartFactory are just two recent examples of work of this kind. We’ve built a great reputation with builders and manufacturers, and we think that says a mouthful!



We have the capacity and know-how to help fabricate, erect, or expand warehousing facilities that will last well beyond the next big warehousing boom!



Modern hotels and luxury residencies share a lot in common. Steel and concrete components are safe, sturdy, and (very) quiet. We build hotels that help guests get a good night’s sleep, and our approach on the job assures our partners sleep peacefully while the building is going up!

Schools & Public Buildings

Schools & Public Buildings

Public or private, we’re always happy to create spaces that open up opportunities for everyone through education. Like anyone involved in the construction business, we take a certain amount of pride in what goes on inside the buildings we create — and of course, we do everything we can to make the outside as beautiful as possible too.

Health Care & Hospitals

Health Care, Hospitals & Wellness Centers

The large-format, clean, open, and natural-light friendly environments health & wellness companies offer their clients today fit with our capabilities (and with our design preferences) like a hand in a weightlifting glove.

Retail & Commercial

Retail & Commercial

We help build spaces to shop, work, and play. Projects like Naperville Yard and Sky Fitness showcase our steel fabrication work for new commercial construction.

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These make Arlington Structural Steel the right construction partner for your toughest projects.

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